READING: Our reporters read Out on the Wire: Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio by Jessica Abel. It's an illustrated, graphic novel-style book about how to make great radio from start to finish, and it's the coolest thing in the whole world. 

Other text resources we love include: 
The journey from print to radio storytelling | NPR Training
Before the First Question | Transom
Interviewing: The Basics | Transom
Digital Storytelling Cookbook | StoryCenter
Teen Reporter Handbook | Radio Diaries
Can a Woman’s Voice Ever Be Right | Jordan Kisner
Vocal Color in Public Radio | Chenjerai Kumanyika
This I Believe High School Curriculum | This I Believe
How I Work: Ira Glass | Lifehacker (skip down to "what's your secret" section) 
Educator’s Guide to Teaching Interviewing Skills | Radio Rookies
Record Your Story | StoryCorps
Interviewing Guide | Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
MAGIC Radio Resources | Unicef
Lesson Plan: “Learning the Art of an Interview” | New York Times
Reporters’ Center | YouTube
Interviewing Guide | National Geographic
The Interview | Poynter’s News University 

LISTENING: Throughout the course of our program, our reporters listen to a ton of radio. We try to offer a diverse sampling of audio storytelling. Below are some of the pieces we've used consistently: 

Overcoming the Insult of “Acting White” | MPR Youth Radio (4 min)
Gender Fluid Generation: Overcoming Gender Norms | Youth Radio (4 min)
Not the Right Kind of Gay | Radio Rookies (6 min)
Nine People, One Bedroom: A Teen’s Take on Life in Poverty | Radio Rookies (8 min)
For One Teen, Ferguson Made Anxiety around Police More Severe | Youth Radio (4 min)
Feeling Raced | Terrascope Radio (4 min)
Modern Day Scarlet Letter: Sexual Cyberbullying | Radio Rookies (8 min)
A child’s English skills are a lifeline for some immigrant families | MPR Youth Radio (4 min)
Why Do I Stay?* | Radio Rookies (27 min)
Shoulda Been Dead | This American Life (10 min)
From a Distance | This American Life (13 min)
PRX Best Youth Radio of 2015 | PRX (playlist)

Writing Out of Tape - Transom (12 min)
How Not to Write for Radio | Transom (10 min)
Barft Draft with an iPhone - Transom (16 min)
Finding the Story When You Know Too Much - Transom (20 min)
First Person Reporting | Transom (15 min)
Radio Luck and the Gift of Character Change | Transom (22 mins, pair with "Real Teens, Fake Babies")
Finding and decoding identity on the air - NPR and Nieman Lab (6 min)
This is Radio: Glynn Washington (6 min)
This is Radio: The Kitchen Sisters (5 min) 
Subjective Reporting** | HowSound (12 min)

Real Teens, Fake Babies | The Longest Shortest Time (22 min)
Tom Girls | Third Coast Audio (17 min) 
How to Become Batman | Invisibillia (60 min)
Harper High School | This American Life (60 min)
The Wheel | The Memory Palace (15 min)
Yik Yak Returns | Reply All (35 min)
Where No One Should Go | Snap Judgement (16 min)
Faith and Love Between the Lines | The Moth (7 min)
Reagan's Neighbors | Scott Carrier's Home of the Brave (18 min)
The Living Room | Love + Radio*** (25 min)
Notes on an Imagined Plaque… | the memory palace (13 min)

Rabbit Hunt | All Things Considered (2 min/story structure)
The Whitest HBCU in America | Code Switch (6 min/conversational writing)
Can You Help Me Find My Mom? | The Truth (14min/radio as a unique medium)
Razzle Dazzle | 99% Invisible (12min/radio as a visual medium)

21 Chump Street | This American Life (13 min)
How I Got Into College | This American Life (60 min)
Sex, Boyhood and Politics in South Carolina | This American Life (30 min)

The Human Voice | StoryCorps (3 min)
Miss Devine | Story Corps (3 min)
Questions for Dr. Martin Luther King | Third Grade Audio (1 min)
Will and Olivia Smith | Story Corps (2 min)
Ira Glass and Nico Muhly: Contemporary Color (2 min)
Things We Wish We Could Tell Our Parents | Curie Youth Radio (1 min)
Love and 27 Other Firsts | PRX (1 min)

Be Cool to the Pizza Delivery Dude | This I Believe (3 min)
The Essentials to Happiness | This I Believe (3 min)

Teen Diaries: Girlfriend (Amanda) - Radio Diaries (10 min)
Amanda 16 Years Later - Radio Diaries (10 min)
Teen Diaries: Teen Mom (Melissa) - Radio Diaries (12 min)
Melissa 16 Years Later - Radio Diaries (19 min)

When You See Racism, Say Racism | This American Life (22 min)
The Guide To Handling Casual Racism | Code Switch (24 min)
 What Does "Objectivity" Mean To Journalists Of Color? | Code Switch (37 min)
Can We Talk About Whiteness? | Code Switch (37 min)
The Problem We All Live With | This American Life (1 hour)

Spooked | Snap Judgement
Campfire Stories | Snap Judgement
Santaland Diaries | David Sedaris on NPR (10 min)

This American Life
Snap Judgement
The Moth
The TED Radio Hour
Radio Rookies
The Longest Shortest Time
Hidden Brain
Reply All
The Memory Palace

Content Warnings:
*Dating violence
** Drug abuse
*** Death