Kelsey Kupferer

I'm a super happy public radio enthusiast who gets paid to play outside. My undergraduate degrees are in journalism and sociology, and I have an MPA in nonprofit management. I spend my days running Venture Out, the University of Missouri's outdoor experiential education office. I also work part time for the True/False Film Festival on the Education and Outreach team. 

I care about experiential education, social justice education and audio storytelling. Making Waves combines all three in a way that gives me the kind of ecstatic giddiness you only get when you’ve had too much caffeine or you’re doing something you truly love.  Through this program, I hope to further develop my skills in multimedia storytelling, curriculum design, teaching and grant writing. 

Find me on other parts of the internet:  |  @KKupferer 



Michaela Tucker

I'm a Minneapolis native in my third year at the University of Missouri. I'm majoring in broadcast journalism, with an emphasis in radio production, and minoring in women's and gender studies, multicultural studies and Spanish. I also am a reporter for the Health and Wealth Desk at KBIA 91.3 FM, Columbia's NPR member station. When I'm not in the newsroom, I enjoy listening to podcasts and camping.

As an aspiring radio journalist, I hope to create platforms for voices and stories that often go unheard. This project goes beyond the limitations of the newsroom by making full use of the intimacy and flexibility of radio. By working with students on stories that are important to them in Making Waves, it not only helps expand my worldview and experience of Columbia by hearing youth voices, but it helps me develop my skills as a reporter and editor. 

To learn more about me, visit my website or follow me on social media @m_b_tucker.