Week 13: Voicing

We voiced today! It was a little hectic getting everyone through in our 110 minute class, but we did it! Just like always, we interviewed each student after they voiced. It's always fun to get them into the studio. Past semesters have only been 12 weeks long, so we usually stop after voicing. But this year we get to have them edit themselves, which is exciting. So our next two class periods will be spent learning Audition and editing! They should be able to get themselves most of the way, and then Michaela and I will finish them. Our goal is to be able to listen to finished pieces by our last class, December 15. 

Week 12: Final Edits

Today we spent most of class talking about the election. As usual, they had a great discussion. But also it sucked. Because, you know. We only had about 30 minutes of dedicated class time. They paired up and read their scripts aloud to each other to practice for voicing next week! 

For homework, we're having them listen to one of our favorite Making Waves This I Believe essays by Maryam Blesdoe. It’s called Answering Anger with Understanding. She talks about the election, and trying to understand and reconcile difference. We also asked them to explore the radio world and find something new to listen to. We recommended the podcast In the Dark, any story from the NPR Education page, and the This American Life show on Hilary Clinton’s emails

Week 11: Vocal Color

Today we talked about voicing and "public radio voice." We watched Talking While Female from NPR and had a discussion about which voices are respected in our society. We also reviewed voicing techniques for next week (enunciate, speak slowly, think about pauses and emphasis). We also listened to Sound as Touch from RadioLab just for fun, and we had a long discussion about last week's listening homework, Yik Yak Returns from Reply All. 

For homework they will continue the voicing discussion by reading Vocal Color in Public Radio by Chenjerai Kumanyika and Can a Woman’s Voice Ever Be Right? by Jordan Kisner.

They'll also listen to From the Cell to the Sell from StartUp (which has nothing to do with voicing, it's just a good episode). 

Week 10: Second Drafts

We spent most of our time today reviewing second drafts and having open work time. We reviewed last week's writing for radio and went over some general tips to address issues we found with most of their stories:

  • Length: aim for three pages
  • emember: What’s your focus sentence? What is your story about?
  • Bites: 15 seconds
  • Try to lead into a quote with something different than a question
    • Think back to Writing Out of Tape - did Mose use questions to lead into bites?
  • Can you introduce who is talking before a bite?
  • Be careful about editorializing
    • Even though these pieces are personal, the facts still need to be true and verifiable.

For homework, they're finishing their third drafts and listening to Yik Yak Returns from Reply All.