Session 10: Barf Drafts

Today we listened to the Transom piece on "barf drafts," and recorded barf drafts of our own. Radio storytelling is very conversational, so a "barf draft" is where you record yourself telling your story like you were telling it to a friend. Then you transcribe that word for word, and you have a first draft. 

After we did a little more work on our scripts, we ended class by listening to one of my favorite David Sedaris pieces, Santa Claus v. The Easter Bunny, which is either a huge hit or a huge miss with high school students. They chuckled a few times, so I'll take it. 

Lisa and Maryam are both in Columbia all summer, so they're taking their sweet time finishing their stories. Since we have an extended timeline, I hope to get them doing a lot of their own editing and producing, which isn't something we've had the time to do in the past.