Session 5: More Interviewing & Tech Stuff

Today we recapped last week, talked more in-depth about interviewing, and talked through our feature story ideas. Maryam is reporting on that Microsoft bot that learned how to be racist in 24 hours, and Lisa is recounting the time she ran over a mailbox immediately after getting her license and exploring the fear we all have of fitting a stereotype. Both stories are funny and hit hard on some universal themes. I think they're going to be really great. 

We did some interview practice, including listening to one of my favorite StoryCorps stories, Miss Devine. The story paints the most intricate portrait of Miss Devine purely through small, casual stories. I think it's one of the simplest and best tools to use when teaching interviewing. 

For homework they're listening to Finding the Story When You Know Too Much from Transom, and (for fun) a gorgeous piece from The Memory Palace called The Wheel

They're setting up and conducting (or at least setting up) their first interviews this week, so wish us luck!