Session 4: Tech, Interviewing, and Guest Speakers

I was out of town this weekend, so we had a guest teacher and guest speakers and for the whole day today. It was a jam packed session. 

Emerald O'Brien, a friend and reporter at KBIA, was our guest teacher this week. She started off the session with a panel of past reporters. Mariah, Zoya and Madison came by to talk about their experiences and answer questions. Then Emerald taught the reporters how to use the Tascam and the Marantz, and went through Interviewing 101. They spent a good chunk of time reporting out on their Story Planning Worksheets and focusing their stories. They wrapped up by talking about the Character and Voice chapter from Out on the Wire. 

Big thanks to everyone who helped us out this week! Also, their This I Believe essays are up on the web! You can listen here.