Week 5: Story Planning and Interviewing

Our guiding question is week is: How do we complete a successful interview, from start to finish?

We started class by checking in with the kiddos about how class was going and how their lives were going. College weeks 4 and 5 can be pretty hard: midterms are coming up, everyone is sick, and the bright, shiny newness of college is starting to wear off. We asked for feedback about the class structure, and gave them a little space to vent/ask questions about general college anxiety things. 

We discussed their listening homework, Becoming Batman from Invisibillia. We assigned it just because it's one of my favorite podcast episodes. They liked it. 

Then we jumped into interviewing. We listened to two stories back to back: Miss Devine from StoryCorps and "Ferguson Pastor: This is Not a Race Issue, This is a Human Issue" from NPR. We talked about the aspect of each story, and what they could learn about interviewing for anecdotes and respectfully interviewing about difficult subjects. 

Then we read and talked about two different articles from Transom: The Basics and Before the First Question. Mostly, I just gabbed at them.

For the last hour of class, they had to pick a partner and interview them. They were instructed to find an anecdote that told us something about the person they were interviewing. Then, they had to write a very short story about the person they interviewed. The story needed a hook and to address some kind of universal truth. 

As usual, class ran long, so they'll share their stories at the begining of next class.