Thinking Out Loud

Today our students were interviewed on the KBIA-FM show Thinking Out Loud. We had a lot of fun hanging out at KBIA, and once again I was blown away by our students who so eloquently expressed their thoughts. You can listen to their Thinking Out Loud segment here. It's edited pretty heavily, so we recommend you take a look at the full transcript, posted here.  Here are some of our favorite quote nuggets: 

Delaney: I think stories are one of the most compelling forms of media that there is because it really allows you to be empathetic and understand people in a way that other forms of media can't. And that's something I've learned with this project.  just love the way that stories and sharing honestly and vulnerably can really connect people and form a community. Whether it's on the radio where other people can hear or just in your day to day life talking to your friends and your family, I think that we need, as a whole, to be more open and to tell each other more things that are hard for us to talk about. And I think storytelling is a great way to do that.  

Sarah: I decided to talk about my struggle with anorexia, and the reason I decided to talk about that was twofold. One, talking about what I've been through, and what I'm still kind of going through, helps me to deal with it and to process it. Because I think one of the hardest things for me especially going through anorexia is really misunderstood. And so talking about it can help other people understand it, and so then I don't feel as alienated from everyone else. And then, on top of that, I really wanted to share the experience with other people. There are so many people that are going through anorexia or eating disorders worldwide, and it's such an alienating disease. And the problem is that so many people that go through it feel shamed into not talking about it. So even if me telling my story doesn't make them want to talk about it, that's OK, but if it makes them feel like, “Oh, hey, she doesn’t feel ashamed of talking about it, I shouldn’t feel ashamed of talking about mine, there’s nothing to be ashamed of,” then it will have accomplished its goals.

Clarissa: This isn't necessarily related to my story, but as we were working on our stories we would meet every week. And despite the fact that I was already close friends with many of the people there, I felt like I became closer to them and more connected to them because typically, I'm a very chatty person, but I talk about superficial things and I'm kind of reserved emotionally. And so it was nice to have a space where you could just like honestly talk about stories that were meaningful to you.