Wrap-Up Roundtable

We did it! All of our stories are finally up, and the inaugural semester of Making Waves Youth Radio Initiative is complete. To celebrate, we sat down with our reporters to discuss their experience with the program, their semester, and their hopes and fears for the future. 

In listening back to their discussion, there were two distinct themes that caught my attention: the students' thoughts on feminism, and their thoughts on success in college. You can listen to their discussions on those topics here. 

I was most intrigued by their discussion about success in college. Every student expressed doubt about her ability to succeed. They all talked about "impostor syndrome," or the idea that they had just fooled everyone into thinking they were competent. This conversation resonated with me because I see the college students I advise use almost the exact same language when they talk about their self-doubt. And I personally use almost the exact same language when I talk about my own self-doubt. It was powerful for me to see how three generations of women (the high school students I work with, the college undergraduate students I work with, and myself and my peers) express almost identical feelings of self-doubt. And I think this is a phenomenon that is specific to women, which is one of the reasons we created Making Waves as an empowering space for women. 

The mission of Making Waves is to create and share stories that have an impact on both the producer and the listener. In sharing their feelings of self-doubt, the Making Waves reporters allowed other women, including myself, to know that they're not alone.