Week 9: It's AP Test Season (and Story Structure)

It's AP test season and that's all we can think about. We should have anticipated how much work these seniors were going to have to do at the end of their last semester of high school. But in spite of the incredible of work they have to finish for school, they're so close to finishing their scripts! 

Today was Michaela's last meeting, which was sad for everyone. She leaves for Chicago early next week. Ms. Weaver brought strawberry shortcake for everyone to celebrate, which was a welcome surprise. The students were all super sad to say goodbye. They joked about how Michaela might interview them one day when she works for NPR and they're all famous scientists, which is a real thing that could actually happen. 

We spent some time explaining story structure in more depth - talking about central compelling characters and the "pregnant I" structure (starting a story with a narrow focus on your CCC, then reporting out to include experts and others, and then narrowing back in to your CCC). For most, if not all, of our students, they are their own CCCs, which is cool. We want to hear their voices as much as possible. 

We listened to one of the Radio Diaries teenage diaries from the 1990s. The students giggled a lot at the '90s Minnesota slang, but were also surprised by how much they related to the story. We talked about dropping the academic formalities they're so accustomed to and letting their voices shine through. 

We have one more Friday meeting next week, and then their scripts should be finished! Michaela and I will edit (remotely), then the students will voice, Michaela and I will produce (again, remorely), and then these things have to be done by the end of May because on June 1 Michaela and I both move to places without an internet connection. Keep your fingers crossed for us! 

- Kelsey