Week 7: The One Where We Realize the Semester is Almost Over

All the sudden we turned around and it's almost May and we have NO idea where the semester went. Michaela is leaving the state on May 15, and both Kelsey and Michaela are leaving internet access on May 30. While we all love Making Waves and cherish our weekly meetings, the program isn't at the top of the list of priorities for this group of young women who are about to graduate from high school. They're working literally around the clock on finals, AP tests, scholarship essays, college visits and college decisions. As advisors, we're trying to find the balance between not overwhelming them unnecessarily (obviously their school and friendships and mental health come first for us) and also getting all five stories finished, polished and produced by the end of the month. 

We had a pretty low energy meeting today - I think it was overwhelming for everyone to look at our schedule, and prom is tomorrow, and Michele has three essays she has to finish before she's allowing herself to go to prom, and Delaney is leaving on a redeye the morning after prom to go visit Harvard. I think we've created a rejuvenating and safe space, and our weekly meetings lift all of us up (especially us) after a long week. But again, we're trying to figure out how hard to push them. We will only air these stories if they're high quality, which I know they will be, but we want the process to be fun, too. Not stressful. We think we're going to be OK. This was our pilot semester, and we think we've learned a lot. For next semester we're going to create a much stricter calendar and timeline for deadlines. We're also going to get them reporting much sooner. But hey, live and learn, right? We've already gained so much from this program. 

We wished them good luck (and safety) at prom! They're currently split on going to the country club or going to Denny's (ironically) for pre-prom dinner. Will report back next week.