Week 10: Voicing!

We made it! Sort of. We made it to Voicing Day, which was honestly not a day I was 100 percent sure we were going to make it to. I met Michele, Clarissa, Sarah and Delaney in the journalism library and we made last-minute edits to their scripts. Jett was out of town, so she wasn't able to voice today. 

There are a few interviews that the reporters had hoped to get that just didn't happen, but overall I'm excited about their stories. When we went upstairs to KBIA it was really busy, so we had to wait for almost an hour to get a chance to voice. During that time, the reporters recorded a roundtable discussion about their experiences with Making Waves and the other storytelling and vulnerability work they've done with Kathryn Weaver this year. I'll get that audio up soon - the reporters had some incredible things to say. 

Now that they've voiced their scripts, we're on to production!