Week 6: Focusing our Stories (and Prom)

Today, honestly, we spent most of our two-hour meeting talking about Prom. One of our students was about to get "promposed" to (like an elaborate wedding proposal, but for prom) and the other four students were part of the promposal scavenger hunt. The anxiety surrounding dresses and dates is REAL, on top of scholarship applications, college decisions and finals. High school is hard. 

But we did get some work done! Today we continued to workshop our stories. The students finalized their "one sentence summaries" (we're calling them "thesis statements") and made lists of the people they need to interview (moving from "expert" to the name of an actual person), what interview questions they're going to ask each person, and what facts are vital to the story. 

Today was the end of their first week conducting actual interviews, and they did a great job! They even transcribed! Many of them interviewed each other, some got interviews from friends, and Clarissa did an interview with Kathryn's daughter Lilah. Lilah is three. Clarissa asked her about her thoughts on feminism. Lilah responds, "Feminism...is that the one about girls?" When she gets approval, she continues, "I know about feminism. It means girls are brave, girls are strong, and they can do anything boys can do. They can do anything they want to do." This is all coming from a three-year-old. And they got it on tape! The girls were really excited to play it for us. 

This coming week, their goal is to interview outside of their comfort zone (experts, people they don't know, etc.). Michele is interviewing her mom this weekend, which will be a pretty big interview. We're so excited to hear it.