Week 5: Interviewing

Today we got down to radio reporting business! We finally got our Tascam in the mail, so we spent the meeting learning how to use a Marantz and a Tascam. We covered all the important technical stuff (flashing red light = NOT recording) and complied a list of interviewing tips and tricks. Once we had covered both the interpersonal and technical details of interviewing, we got to practicing.

The students interviewed each other, and Michele got in a bonus interview with Lilah, Making Waves' resident toddler. Lilah sang and danced for Michele and the microphone. When Lilah did an elaborate (but silent) spin to end her performance, Michele's radio journalist instincts shone. Michele prompted, "Tell me about what you just did." We were pretty proud. 

This week is the first time they'll actually be using the audio kit and conducting interviews. We're not sure what's going to happen, but we're excited for next week! 

Listen to clips of their practice interviews below: