Week 3: Story Planning

Since it's the tail end of Spring Break, we only had three students at our meeting today. But it worked out perfectly, because we workshopped their stories hard. Everyone shared what they had come up with on their Story Planning Worksheets, and then as a group we brainstormed ideas for each piece. By the end of a two hour session, it looks like we have three solid stories! They're all vastly different. Michele is working on a personal essay (with reported components) about her relationship with her Chinese heritage, Sarah is working on a story about eating disorders and mental illness, and Jett is tackling the (very real and very scary right now) college admissions process. 

The students will spend the next week thinking creatively about sound and using their smartphones to record potential nat sounds, as well as an audio diary. We want everyone to start getting comfortable recording themselves. We teased the recent The Longest Shortest Time episode Real Teens Fake Babies where high school students use their smartphones to record a nightly video diary. It was relevant to what we were teaching, but it's also one of the best podcast episodes we've heard this month. Maybe even this year. 

Next week we're off because Rock Bridge High School is hosting a feminism conference and they're all going. To make up the missed meeting, we're going to tour KBIA on Tuesday. Then the following Friday, we'll finally have an audio kit that belongs to Making Waves (thanks, Duffy Fund) so we'll teach the students how to use it, along with teaching interview techniques. I'm a little afraid we're going run out of Fridays before we get five 3-minute stories produced, but I guess there's only one way to find out! 

The students are going to Noodles and Kelsey has to run because she has to babysit, so no two-way this week. We'll get some audio up here soon, though!