Week 2: The Story Process

They all came back! For our second session, we recapped the Big Question from last week (the one about identity shaping your story) and then got to brainstorming! Each student talked through her possible story ideas. The goal is for each student to produce one reported story or personal essay by the end of the semester. We talked through story ideas about being a first-generation American, eating disorders, women in STEM fields, and the intersection of feminism and mental health. We, Michaela and Kelsey, just sat there open-mouthed. These students are truly incredible. 

We equipped them with story planning worksheets, and Michaela talked to the group about the story process. We talked a little bit about radio storytelling specifically, and we showed them all the different parts of an audio kit. We explained "dead cat" and some other fun radio jargon. We ended by showing Glynn Washington's This is Radio piece, which resulted in a conversation about what "storytelling with a beat" means and how they can achieve it. 

Next week is spring break, so we sent them off with their story planning worksheets and suggestions for podcasts they could listen to on car/plane rides (Invisibillia, This American Life, Radiolab). We can't wait till our next session. 

The purpose of this blog is for us to reflect on our experience building a nonprofit partnership from the ground up. From creating the curriculum to applying for grants, we'll document it all here. 

We're also gonna Alex Blumberg this thing and bring you some radio about our adventures in creating radio. Check out our first two-way below: