Session 11: Final Story Prep

We voice next week! Today we spent the entire session workshopping our stories. We're really impressed with how well the reporters have mastered formatting. We're still struggling with fitting all our big ideas into a four minute story, so we talked about "shooting the puppy." The reporters are a little (a lot?) bogged down by transcribing right now, but they're doing a great job. We also figured out how to access "hidden files" on our SD card, which solved a lot of our major crises. Who knew hidden files were a thing?

Everything looks like it will be in good shape by next week! We're planning to interview the reporters after they voice, and then produce a segment for Thinking Out Loud like we did last semester. Only this time, we'll have a lot more control over the final project, which we're pumped about. We're also planning to record some of their voices to design a Making Waves show intro, which I am SO EXCITED to do, even though it sounds like a really small thing. Cheers to another great semester!

We sent them off on break with the This American Life Holiday Spectacular episode and my favorite Christmas tradition, Santaland Diaries, which was my first ever introduction to radio storytelling and will forever hold a special place in my heart.