Session 10: Final Edits

Today we reflected on last week and continued our discussion about race relations at RBHS and the University of Missouri. We read the Huffington Post article Does Systemic Oppression Really Exist? by 2014 RBHS alum Humera Lodhi. It was so cool to read her article, not only because she's a badass, and not only because she's a RBHS alum, but because she's only a year older than our reporters, and most of them knew her. 

Then we got down to editing. Our stories are taking shape! This week we focused on script formatting, did peer edits, and reported out on our progress one final time. 

For homework, we're listening to this episode of Reply All. It's called Yik Yak returns, it came out this week, and it is an unbelievably perfect follow up to our discussions on race relations. And they talk about Mizzou throughout the entire episode.