Session 7: Barf Drafts

We started this session by reporting out on our Story Planning Worksheets. While not all our reporters have their focus sentences nailed down, we're getting there. They're learning the struggle that is narrowing down five awesome ideas into one four minute story. A lot of their focus sentences were actually three or four focus sentences. 

Then we listened to Barf Draft with an iPhone from Transom. A "Barf Draft" is where you grab your smart phone and just start telling your story into it. You tell it just like you were telling the story to a friend. Then you transcribe it and go from there. This method helps reporters get at the heart of their story - what are you really trying to say? It also helps the reporters write the way they talk. And finally, it gives them something to start with. It takes away the anxiety of a blank page. 

After we listened, we had them go off and record their own barf drafts. I hope it will be helpful to them - I think has been good for them to keep getting words down from free writes and barf draft exercises. 

Then we reviewed the audio kit one more time and answered last minute questions about interviewing. They'll be conducting their first interviews this week! We're excited (and a little nervous) to see what they get.