Session 6: Interviewing Part II

We started out our session today listening to three shorts: Questions for Dr. Martin Luther King from Third Grade Audio (via Transom), First Love and 27 Other Firsts from PRX, and What We Wish We Could Tell Our Parents from Curie Youth Radio. I love the Third Grade Audio piece - it's really beautiful. We talked about telling powerful stories in less than a minute, and telling stories in creative ways. 

We talked about the Character and Voice chapter from Out on the Wire they read. They totally got everything we wanted them to get out of it, and it was a really good discussion. 

We spent the rest of the meeting talking through our focus sentences, talking about interviewing, and learning how to use the audio kit. I taught them how to ask people what they had for breakfast while they adjust their levels. They practiced interviewing each other. 

Then, because we had a few minutes left, I had them listen to this David Sedaris piece that I love about standing in line to get coffee. It was a bad plan because they totally didn't think it was funny. I am now 2/2 on giving David Sedaris to teens who do not appreciate David Sedaris. Oh well.