Making Waves in the News

We were featured on the University of Missouri Undergraduate Studies website! Check us out at

And Making Waves reporter Maryam Bledsoe was named in the Columbia Business Times 20 Under 20! She wrote, "Making Waves Youth Radio [was my favorite extracurricular activity], where I made my own radio pieces about things that I cared about. I learned about storytelling and how to express myself more accurately and effectively, which is something I often have trouble with. It was a truly rewarding experience."


Week 15: Editing Part II

Another day editing in the library! Two students re-voiced a section or two of their stories to account for new audio they gathered. We're plugging along! Some students are much farther along than others. Michaela and I will take all the stories the rest of the way this week. We will air them all next Thursday at our last meeting/celebration! We can't believe the semester is already over. 

Week 14: Editing

Today was editing day! We met up in the Bookmark Cafe at Ellis Library and talked a little bit about Thanksgiving Break before we headed up to the computers. This is the first year we've had students start the editing process on their own, which is exciting. We had them watch this Audition how-to video from KBIA, but other than that, they were pretty much on their own. Michaela stayed in the library and helped people out as needed, and I took Sylvia to KBIA to voice because she was sick last class. Kassidy started working on a typography video version of her story. Much of today was just cutting acts and tracks, but I think any experience working with Adobe programs has long-term benefits.